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MAY 10-11, 2023

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To view the list of players registered for the Belleville Championship, view the GolfGenius Tournament page. Registrations are updated every 48 hours.


 - Round 1 Tee Times


 - Round 2 Tee Times

Play will be 36-holes of stoke play with a $25,000 purse.Play shall be governed in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the R&A, Golf Canada and USGA, as modified by the East Coast Pro Tour Local Rules and Terms of the Competition (Hard Card) and supplemented by the applicable Notice to Players.  Questions or disputes (including equipment rulings) shall be settled by the on-site Rules Committee appointed by the East Coast Pro Tour, whose decision shall be final.

ECPT reserves the right to change the format, venue(s), qualifying spots and allotments, and other criteria set forth herein as presently contemplated due to adverse weather or other circumstances.

Professionals and Amateurs with a handicap factor of five (5) or less when applied to the qualifying course slope. The ECPT reserves the right to verify the handicap factor of amateurs and refuse anyone not meeting the requirements.

ECPT welcomes male and female professionals. All players will compete for the same purse. Women will play approximately 90% of the men’s yardage.

Practice round tee times will be available prior to the tournament. Please contact the proshop to reserve your tee time. Groups of more than 4 players are not permitted.

Official tee times will be posted 48 hours prior to the first round. Starting times and pairings are made at the discretion of the tournament organization. Specific requests will not be granted. Official tee times will be available at the host facility and on the Golf Genius tournament website. Tee-Times will also be texted to each player, so it is the player’s responsibility to provide a contact number and enable text messages on the registration form.

Starting times for the last round will be fixed based on tournament standings at the conclusion of the preceding round.  No special requests will be granted for the last round of the competition.

For the players to get all the essential information before the round, we ask all players to be at the First Tee-Box at least 5 minutes before the tee times. Any player, not ready to play at the prescribed tee time will get a 2-stroke penalty. If the player is more than 5 minutes late, he will be disqualified. (Rule 5.3a)

While on host facility property, players and caddies shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.  ECPT reserves the right to remove a player from the tournament for: non-competitiveness; conduct unbecoming a professional by the player; conduct unbecoming a professional by the players’ caddie.


Distance-Measuring Devices are permitted in the tournament (scope, watch, mobile app). Only the distance measuring feature may be used. Other features such as Slope are prohibited from use during official competition rounds.


A player is allowed to use a putting green map.

  • Any book or other paper containing a map or image of a putting green must not be larger than 4 ¬ľ inches X 7 inches.
  • Any image of a putting green must be limited to a scale of 3/8 inch to 5 yards (1:480) or smaller
  • No magnification of putting green information is allowed other than the player‚Äôs normal wearing of prescription glasses or lenses
  • Hand drawn or written information about a putting green is only allowed if contained in a book or paper
  • meeting the size limit and written by the player and/or their caddie.¬† ¬†


The Rules of Golf state that before a round or playoff on any day of a stroke play competition, a competitor must not practice on the competition course or test the surface of any putting green on the course by rolling a ball or roughing or scraping the surface.

ECPT has adopted the following policy which applies to any ECPT Competition

  • ¬†Players and caddies ARE NOT permitted to use a device that measures the condition (slope, texture, firmness or moisture level) of any putting green on the course on any day of a stroke play or match play competition. The use of such device is only permitted on practice days.
  • A player or caddie who does not comply with this policy is subject to disciplinary action under the ECPT Code of Conduct

The registration deadline for the BELLEVILLE CHAMPIONSHIP is May 3, 2023 at 5:00pm (EST). 

A $50 late fee will be applied after the deadline.


The entry fee (less a $50.00 fee) will be refunded to any applicant that cancels his/her entry fourteen (14) days prior to the tournament. Entry fee non-transferable and non-deferrable to other players. Entry fee may be transferred only one time to another similar ECPT event. Request must be emailed to 

An amateur is eligible to earn up to $1,200 CAD in prize money. As stipulated by the USGA / GOLF CANADA and their rules of Amateur Status (2022). Should an amateur finish in a paid position that awards greater than $1,200 CAD, the amount in excess of $1,200 CAD won’t be distributed amongst the players. It will be added to the purse at the last event of the season.

the amount in excess of $1,200 CAD will be added to the purse at the Tour Championship at the end of the 2023 ECPT season. 

Un amateur peut gagner jusqu'à 1 200 $ CAD en prix en argent. Comme stipulé par la USGA / GOLF CANADA et leurs règles du statut d'amateur (2022). Si un amateur termine dans une position payante qui lui permet de gagner plus de 1 200 $CAN, le montant en excès de 1 200 $CAN ne sera pas distribué parmi les joueurs. Il sera ajouté à la bourse du Tour Championship à la fin de la saison 2023 de l'ECPT.

All players must register for the tournament before 5:00pm on Tuesday September 13, 2022. Entries received after the official entry deadline will be subject to a $20 late fee. The entry fee for the Players Championship is:


(a) $460 CAD+tx for East Coast Pro Tour members

(b) $565 CAD+tx for non-members    


(a) $395 CAD+tx for East Coast Pro Tour members

(b) $465 CAD+tx for non-members        

Entry fee must accompany the online application and be payable by credit card.

registration deadline

MAY 3, 2023 at 5:00pm